Autism / ADHD Screening Hub

How It Works

Our screening hub is by no means a diagnostic clinic. We can provide a comprehensive, and detailed assessment to aid the overall diagnostic process. We will provide you with a report, outlining what we have discussed, as well as a comprehensive outline of all the information that will support you on your path to a diagnosis.

We use QB check by QB Tech, as well as the ND Profiler from Do-It Profiler. Clients also undergo a clinical interview questionnaire as designed by Psychology Services.

Our reports have been accepted by various medical professionals and may assist you in sidestepping long months on waiting lists for similar publicly provided services.

The report will allow the person to begin to see their life through the Neurodivergent lens. Waiting lists for such assessments can stretch into YEARS – which has only worsened given the impact of COVID-19

The client fee for this specialised assessment is only £250. As we are a CIC, our costs are subsidised by grant funding, donations and paying clients.