About Neurodiversity Networks CIC

Helping individuals, schools, companies, families, and wider society to embrace and accept their neurodivergent identity.

Approximately 20% of our population is neurodivergent….

Neurodiversity is everywhere! Neurodiversity is in all of walks of life, every workplace, in every school and in a wide variety of families. We can help you develop your unique and wonderful difference, or the differences of your loved ones or colleagues as an advantage.

Neurodiversity Networks CIC has been set up by adults who are Neurodivergent themselves and use it to good effect. We want to champion the possibilities, and ‘promote positive outcomes’ for all sections of the neurodivergent population. Being ND can be tough because we don’t behave the way society expects us to. It shouldn’t be forgotten though that we have incredible strengths and make good employees – once we find the right careers with the right employers.

Neurodiversity covers many different ways of being – Autistic/ADHD/Dyslexia/Dyspraxia/Dyscalculia and many more. Everyone has a different and unique experience because difficulties and experiences fall onto a spectrum. Many people experience inattentiveness, impulsivity, dependence on routine, poor self-image, lack of engagement with education, and hyperactivity at some point and to varying degrees. We want to help people channel these seemingly negative “traits” into positive and productive energy.

Anything is possible. Many of us are capable of turning our hand to most things and being really good at it for as long as it remains interesting to us. What is not possible for us though, is ‘everything’. That is overwhelming! We think too much and too quickly, unless we are allowed to do one thing at a time, until completion – but even this (hyper-focus), we can help! The other thing we won’t manage is boredom. We need life to keep us on our toes. If classrooms and workplaces have too much downtime, we will make our own entertainment, or not attend. We also need to know ‘why’ we are doing something, or we cannot find the motivation to do it -because we have lower dopamine levels than the average person.

There is a reason for everything and a host of potential solutions to every ND Challenge. We are entirely ‘solution focussed’ and will always endeavour to help you navigate the challenges ahead.

We are with you all the way!

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